About us

HealACES is a division of Complex Trauma Resources. Complex Trauma Resources (CTR) Is an organization committed to the healing of children and youth who have suffered complex trauma, toxic stress, and Adverse childhood Experiences (ACEs). CTR’s approach grows from an understanding of brain development and trauma and has been developed by a team of experienced trauma experts. Visit www.complextrauma.ca to learn more about our team and our trauma-focused interventions.

HealACEs has been established to provide Residential Agencies and Schools with a practical assessment tool to provide a framework for your trauma-informed interventions. The assessment tools provide a deep understanding of how trauma has affected the development of a given child. Your interventions will be built with information from the assessment and can be readily monitored and evaluated.

Dr. Chuck Geddes, Registered Psychologist

Clinical Director, Complex Trauma Resource

Dr. Chuck Geddes